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About Modafinil Stay Focused

How did I first find out about Modafinil?

I was given my first Modalert 200mg (Modafinil) tablet once at the beginning of a night shift underground.

When I happen to say to a work collage. I hit the wall the wall last night.

I fell asleep coming up the decline (the road out of the underground workings).

Work collage, Any damage?

Me, No, but it woke me up in hurry

Work collage take this about crib time (lunchtime). It will stop you from falling asleep.

Me, Can I pass a supplement test on this stuff?

Work collage, Yes no problem I have been taking them for years. I took my first Modalert 200mg at 12am (Lunch time)

Finished work at 6am.

Went to the gym, did my washing, clean my room, polished my boots.

And finished the last 100 pages of a book I had been putting off finishing.

I didn’t sleep until 1am. I felt fine the next day a little tired but nothing abnormal.

Over the next few months I swapped to Waklert, (Armodafinil) and worked out that my body works better on Armodafinil if I take it first thing in the morning.

That way I sleep well every night.

8 years later

I now use Artvigil. its still Armodafinil but not quiet as hard hitting as Waklert.

My maximum dose in 24 hours is 300mg or 2 full tablets. And always taken very early in and never together always 2 hours apart.

I never intended to sell Modafinil Online, when I first started using it, however demand forced my hand.

As with a lot of business’s it grew organically.

At first I was just selling to friends and friends of friends, who were and still are using Modafinil to cope with Night shift.

However within 6 months the demand was to much to keep up with.

I spoke with a few of the suppliers and made a deal to buy a set amount each month, for a discount of course.

The business really started to take off once the word got out that I had plenty of Modafinil in stock.

So I built this site and well this is all I do now and I love it.

I’m often asked what do I use!

Personally I use Artvigil 95% of the time, I’m not suggesting that’s best for you. But’s that’s my choice.

When I take Waklert, I use a pill cutter and take half of 150mg tablet first thing in the morning, then I take the second half about 1 or 2 hours later.

The reason for taking the half tablet, is Waklert can have a strong initial come on effect.

My good friend (Name with held) told me Modalert is perfect for clubbing.

As the Modafinil range will pass most supplement tests conducted in the work place.

(Name with held) is subjected to random supplement tests at his place of work, & has never failed one yet.

Artvigil lacks the come on effect of Waklert, Because of that I take a full 150mg first thing in the morning.

Quick Note

I avoid taking over 300mg for more than 2 day’s in a row. On the 3rd night I don’t sleep well so 2 day’s is my cut off.

However I did go for over 1 year taking 75mg (1/2 tablet) or 150mg (full tablet) each day, everyday. With no side effects.

Does taking Modafinil on an empty stomach make a difference?

Personally no, research I have found suggested no.

However I know people who swear that consuming Modafinil on an empty stomach works.