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‘Smart Drug’ Modafinil Actually Works

‘Smart Drug’ Modafinil Actually Works, Study Shows The “smart drug” modafinil actually does work for some people, improving their performance on long and complex tasks, also […]
is coffee good for me

Analysis shows coffee is mostly good for you…

A large analysis shows Coffee is mostly good for you, though maybe not if you’re pregnant By Kendall Powell February 4 “It’s impossible that we still […]
Are Saunas Good For You?

Saunas, What’s The Story?

Saunas? Simply relaxing in the Sauna appears to have genuine heart and cardiovascular advantages.  A group of researches found that individuals who routinely utilized saunas had […]
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Aged Garlic Extract slow’s plaque accumulation by 80%,

Aged Garlic Extract  Supplements can help prevent progression of heart disease New study shows aged garlic extract can reduce dangerous plaque buildup in arteries LOS ANGELES – The […]
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