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What does Modafinil do?

Stimulates Wakefulness

Prevents Mental Fatigue

Enhances Focus, Motivation & Energy

And Improves Mood
"I remember sitting at my desk after lunch one day, I was feeling a bit tired but nothing unusual. Next thing I know my work college was shaking my shoulder. Max, Maxie what? Your snoring. Oh shit! I got up went to the bathroom wash my face and looked in the mirror. Something has to change. Longer story short, enter Armodafinil"

Provigil = Modalert & Modvigil

In the video below Dave Asprey is talking about Provigil. Just to refresh our memory, Provigil is Modafinil better known outside of the US as Modalert & Modvigil.

Modafinil, Performance Enhancing?

As a performance enhancing drug, it is not surprising that Modafinil is in high demand as people seek for extra motivation to carry out daily tasks.

Researchers have found that modafinil boosts higher-order cognitive function without causing serious side effects.

The most well know athlete for using Modafinil would be world 100 meter champion Kelli White. Who used Modafinil for a sleep disorder
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"Modafinil has become the fashionable nootropic among athletes, the sports top anti doping official said"

Where to Buy Modafinil Online?

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Modafinil Online

Was specifically created for treatment of disorders relating to daytime sleep & shift work.
Its ability to improve memory stems from the capacity to increase the levels of the brain’s stimulatory neurotransmitters.

Although modafinil can be taken once a day, at any given time. It is recommended to set a regular time of the day and be consistent.

If you are treating shift work disorder (sleepiness during hours scheduled for staying awake and difficulty in sleeping during hours scheduled for sleep.
Common among people whose work a rotating roster), it would probably be more ideal to take modafinil an hour before your work shift begins.

This medication helps to improve the cognitive abilities of an individual, ensuring they are alert and motivated to face challenges.

No wonder sports focused individuals, supplement with Modafinil.

Personally, when I'm looking for extra motivation Modafinil (Modalert 200mg) or a Caffeine 200mg tablet are my go to supplement.

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Trials & Errors finding the right Armodafinil Dose

 "It's not recommended to exceed more than 300mg in 24 hours"

After using Modalert 200 for a few months
I wasn't happy with effects I was getting.
I knew about Armodafinil but had never tried it.

So I ordered 50 tablets of Waklert 150 & 50 tablets of Artvigil 150

Week 1, Days 1 & 2

Armodafinil Dose
1 x Artvigil 150, in the morning 
No rush or sweating like I get with Modalert 200. I felt normal but more energetic, focused & my mood was elevated.
Got to sleep a little later than normal, other than that a good result.

Day 3

Armodafinil Dose
2 x Artvigil 150 @ the same time
That had a negative effect, I felt a little confusion and had a slight headache 8 hours later.
Felt a bit like I was recovering from a hang over, a sort of brain numbness.
It was not a very productive day. I felt some change in mood. But the effects were negative enough that I have never tried that again.

Day 4 

Armodafinil Dose
Day off
Felt fine, the effects of the day before had gone. However I did feel like I had more energy.

Days 5 & 6

Armodafinil Dose
1 x Artvigil 150, in the morning 5am & another Artvigil 150 2 hours later.
That was perfect I was on point all day both days and did not miss a beat.
"In fact I still do that once or twice a month to this day. When I need to get a lot of work finished".
I slept fine that night

Day 7

Armodafinil Dose
Day off
Felt like I was still feeling the effects from yesterday. Very productive day

Buy Armodafinil Online

Week 2, Day 1

Armodafinil Dose
1 x Waklert 150,
That's stronger than the Artvigil 150. Very similar to the Modalert 200. Sweating and a rush with the onset.
Felt a bit on edge my mind was a bit busy to focus. I felt like getting up and doing something.
A very productive day. However I talked a lot more than normal.
Went to the gym after work, strong work out.
Not bad, but not what I want at work. Slight headache that night, slept fine

Day 2

Armodafinil Dose
1/2 x Waklert 150 (75mg).
Much better similar to Artvigil 150. Still a little bit on edge but nothing like yesterday.
Took the other half at 11am. No headache that night. Slept fine
Very productive day.

Day 3

Armodafinil Dose
1 x artvigil 150 at 5am and 1 waklert 150 2 hours later. After the negative effects I had with double dosing artvigil 150 I decided against doing the same with the waklert 150.
I was rocking by 8am. I felt like I was on amphetamines dry mouth, slightly sweating and couldn't stop talking to anyone who would listen.
I would not do that at work, but on the weekend?
Very productive day.

Day 4 & the end of the trial

Armodafinil Dose
With the confidence of day 3 under my belt I went for 2 x waklert 150, 2 hours apart. Results
Similar result to day 3 again not the best for working but it was fun.
Had trouble sleeping that night.


After some trial and error I finally found my correct Armodafinil Dosage. 
My armodafinil dose is 1 artvigil 150 daily and on a busy day, 2 x artvigil 150 2 hours apart.
That's my perfect Armodafinil Dose.
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Modafinil & Armodafinil

Nuvigil and Provigil
(brand names for armodafinil and modafinil)

Are drugs designed to improve wakefulness and alertness in individuals diagnosed with sleep disorder. It is important to note that these drugs do not take the place of getting proper sleep or cure sleep disorders.

Although they are very similar, they also have a few differences.

Armodafinil side effects, more in depth details below

Some rare effects of Armodafinil
Headache, dry mouth, light-headedness, and interrupted sleep pattern. Most of the side effects are due to abuse of Armodafinil.

How to take Armodafinil ?
It's best to take Armodafinil like you would any other prescription medication. At the same time everyday. Taking Armodafinil with or with food does not seem to effect the results.

Safety Measures

Although Nuvigil vs Waklert are wonder drugs, caution is advised for use on patients suffering from any underlying heart conditions and hypertension. If an individual is suffering from conditions such as angina, myocardial infarction, hypertension, hypertension in pregnancy, or mitral valve disorders, it is completely inadvisable to take the drug.

It should not also be taken during pregnancy and while breast feeding. Armodafinil Online should not be taken with chocolates, alcohol, and opioids like oxycodone, codone, and fentanyl.

Medication Interactions

Before receiving your Armodafinil Online prescription from your doctor, let him/her know about the medications you currently take – including prescription and non-prescription medications, supplements, and vitamins.

You must inform your doctor if you take medications such as:

Those that increase the enzymatic activity of CYP3A4. These medications include nimodipine (Nimotop), rifampin (Rifadin), carbamazepine (Carbatrol, Equetro, Tegretol), phenytoin (Dilantin), St John’s Wort, and phenobarbital.

Those that make use of the enzyme CYP2C19 such as phenytoin (Dilantin), omeprazole (Prilosec), propranolol (Inderal), and diazepam (Valium). Those that are used for hormonal birth control processes such as birth control pills, patches, implants, shots, vaginal rings, and IUDs. Those that block proteins like CYPA4 in the body.

These medications include antifungals (such as posaconazole, ketoconazole, voriconazole, and itraconazole), and macrolide antibiotics such as erythromycin, telithromycin, and clarithromycin.


There are still other medications that interact with Armodafinil Online, as such, it would be ideal to ask your healthcare professional for information and guide on the best procedure for your situation.

Food Interactions

Some medications interact with certain foods. Your doctor may advise you to avoid eating some foods during the course of the medication. Although Armodafinil Onlinedoes not interact with specific foods, it would be ideal to discuss with your doctor about eating and drinking grapefruit and grapefruit juice respectively.

However, taking Armodafinil Online does generally affect your diet pattern.
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