Shipping time estimates:

Australia (6-14 Days) – United States (6-14 Days)
United Kingdom (3-7 Days) – China (7-14 Days)
Korea (6-12 Days) – France (4-7 Days)
Singapore (3-5 Days) – Hong Kong (5-7 Days)
Russia (11-20 Days) – Vietnam (4-8 Days)
Spain (20-30 Days) – Denmark (4-8 Days)
Italy (9-15 Days) – Ireland (7-11 Days)
Poland (7-10 Days) – Netherlands (5-9 Days)
Belgium (5-8 Days) – Sweden (8-12 Days)
Hungary (5-8 Days) – Czech Republic (5-8 Days)
Slovenia (9-13 Days) – Slovakia (8-12 Days)
Lithuania (9-13 Days) – Austria (6-8 Days)
Germany (5-8 Days) – Romania (8-10 Days)
Portugal (10-13 Days) – Bulgaria (16-20 Days)
Greece (14 Days) – Latvia (3-5 Days)
Colombia (24 Days) – Croatia (5-8 Days)
Estonia (17 Days) – Luxembourg (6 Days)
Rest of the world (25-35 Days)

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Plain Secure Packages

Our pills are packaged in secure packs

Normally a plain brown envelope with internal bubble wrap.

No external markings of what’s inside.

If you want to know where your product is at time drop us an email and we will forward the last location and date.

Quick note about refunds in regards to shipping
We will refund your money in full if:

The products are lost or detained by customs. (Proof required)
The product arrives damaged
You don’t get the product because of something we did wrong, like the wrong address or wrong name etc.
You will not get a refund if you provide us with the wrong address or fail to accept the delivery after multiple attempts. So please double check your details before completing your order. It’s best to provide a co signer if you maybe unable to pick the items up yourself.

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